Top 12 UK dating slangs in 2020

Top 12 UK dating slangs in 2020
 Top 12 UK dating slangs in 2020
Top 12 UK dating slangs in 2020

Perhaps you have been coming across new slogans and Uk dating trends for some time now, while some might sound familiar to you, some other slogans are quite complex to decode. Do not worry I felt that too. This is why HS dating compiled a list of UK dating slogans and trends to
help you decode your conversations with your potential lover or flirt better.

1. Glamboozled

This one has got to be attached with a feeling of hurt. Imagine the feeling of being excited about a date — you get “glammed up” and you’re ready to leave — only to have your date cancel plans minutes before your scheduled meeting time. Boom, you’ve been glamboozled. Don’t worry if it happens to you, though. You’re not alone as 58% of the poll’s respondents claimed they’ve been glamboozled.

Glamboozling is when you have agreed to go on a date with a potential love interest and at the last minute, after you’ve got yourself all ready to go out, they cancel on or ghost you.

Even if they have a good reason, being knocked back just as you’re about to leave the house is a rubbish feeling, and incredibly disappointing.

Hello! If you recently fall into this category, you have been Glamboozled

2. Yellow Carding

Have you heard of yellow carding? it’s a new trend in the online dating space. “Yellow carding” is one of the positive trends of warning for reasons one might not expect in a relationship.

It’s a form of warning, for instance, when you’re on a date with someone, perhaps they unconsciously say or do something that irritates you, you could give them a signal warning by yellow carding them. It’s just like a football referee would show a player a yellow card during the game to warn them that they’ve done something wrong.

The general idea is that if your date upsets you, you speak to them about it, instead of keeping it to yourself and concluding to just shade them after the first date.

Therefore, the next time you’re on the first day and your date says or does something you’re not comfortable with, you could just issue them a warning by yellow carding.

3. It is easy to find potential partners on online dating sites

Many online daters say they could find people on online dating platforms who they were physically attracted to, shared their hobbies and interests, seemed like someone they would want to meet in person or were looking for the same kind of relationship as them. Though, there are some gender differences in how hard or easy users say it is to find compatible partners.

For example, women who have ever used a dating site or app are more likely than men to say they have found it very or somewhat difficult to find people they were physically attracted to or who like someone they would want to meet in person. By contrast, male users are more inclined than female users to say it was at least somewhat difficult to find people who shared their hobbies and interests.

4. IRL


IRL stands for “in real life.” This is a term familiar to a lot of people as it is used not only in online dating but also in social media. When someone mentions IRL, they simply mean that they are ready to meet you in person, face to face. As in:

“You seem to be fun to be with. Hope to meet you IRL!”

5. Cuffing Season

Have ever heard the word “ it’s lovely weather and cuffing season again” or would you like cuffing with me in IRL?

Cuffing Season covers the fall and winter season when body warmth is so much appreciated than any other seasons within the year. Its twist from the usual romantic relationship. The idea is that you are only “handcuffing” with someone in the short term (as in, the cold months) and becoming free again come spring.

6. Benching


The word “Benching” is like the normal football term for reserving players. However, in online dating, when someone benches you, it means you’re listed on their active chat list but you guys do not have any constructive chat or discussion about relationships. Benching means you just keep someone aside.

She is benching you, man! She does not have plans for you, I think it’s better to move on.

7. Thirst Trap

Thirst Trap is slang or slogan commonly used for a social media photo posted by a lady in which she seems to be unaware of the sexuality of the photo. A classic example of a “Thirst Trap” would be an attractive woman posting a photo of herself in nothing but undies and heels with the caption of “Loving this pant on me!” or a “Check out my new shoes!” photo that’s 70 per cent cleavage. Whether or not she’s truly oblivious to the fact that nobody’s focusing on her new pants or shoes is unimportant, the point is that she’ll probably end up with “eager” comments on the photo regardless of the intention.

8. DTR

When someone urges you to DTR or “define the relationship,” it means that they want you to clarify and flag what you have with them. Is it a casual fling or are you ready to commit to a serious relationship?

Jake could you please DTR? Is it a relationship or situationship.

9. Draking

Not until recent times, “Draking” was known as the act of wallowing in sorrows caused by the opposite sex. But recently, “Draking” has picked up a different meaning with certain groups of people, as the rapper has recently been rumoured to sleep with women who are in relationships with other rappers. Therefore, sleeping with women or ladies in a relationship means you’re draking.

10. Cushioning

Cushioning is the process of staying with one or more romantic partners, As a backup in case things don’t work out smoothly with the one that could have had it all. The cushions are usually kept at the periphery, through texting and sexting as opposed to full-blown cheating.

11. Catfishing

Catfishers are people who pretend to be someone they’re not, specifically online. A Lot of people do this for money, scams, e.t.c

12. Catch and release

Catch & release is a one-time date with someone you have no strong emotional attachment with. Perhaps you met someone online and you just want to go out on a date with such a person only time.

“What we had was nothing serious, it was a catch and release. There were no genuine feelings.

10 Tips for an Online Date Success

You did everything right, you followed the advice of your friends and from a few articles online. Your online dating profile sits before you on your laptop or phone, and it is perfect. You did adequate research and got a trustworthy website just as advised, and your picture meets all the requirements. All your best traits are highlighted in your profile, and you feel ready to conquer the online dating world.

But after a couple of dates or potential dates you never met, you feel like the online dating world has conquered you, and you are ready to give up. Hold out a little longer because the tips for the success of online dating I am going to provide below are more than the standard tips you are already familiar with.

  • State the Type of Date you would be interested in: first of all, do internal research within yourself and be sure of the kind of attributes you are looking for in a date. Secondly, your profile should convey your interest and have a positive and definite statement regarding the type of date you are interested in. This would help you weed out people that are opposed to your goals or prevent people that are in direct contradiction of the kind of date you want from texting you in the first place. Although it is important also to avoid being too rigid with the types of date you want, having a general knowledge of what you are searching for will help you save a significant amount of time and energy.
  • Read Between the Lines: A person’s profile says so much, even if it wasn’t the intention by the owner. So read in between the line. Evaluate the tone of the profile, and maybe you can get a sense of what the person is like. You might learn if the person is a fun, pleasant, kind person, or the type of person you would be quickly drawn to. It is also vital to search for any negative attributes like boastfulness. Doing this does not necessarily mean you can pick out the perfect date, but it is a start.
  • Flee the comfortability of online texting and meet physically: comfort is the enemy of progress. Don’t get too comfortable with just the exchange of flirtatious texts, and make a plan to link up. Push away any fear or nervousness that may prevent you from meeting the person with the knowledge that your date might be as nervous as you are. Fix an appointment, sit across from each other, and have an honest conversation. With this action, you can take the relationship to the next step.
  • Meet in public and on neutral territory: this is an important tip that should always guide you when venturing into the online dating world. Not only because you need to be in public or a familiar environment for safety but because you need a well-rehearsed escape routine. Yes, you read that right; the importance of an escape strategy cannot be overemphasized. When stuck in a horrible date, with no way out or instead of coming up with a farfetched or an unbelievable lie, you can bask in the fact that you have a pre-arranged plan. Pass on your believable lie to your date, stand up, and walk away from such an unpleasant encounter.
  • Read verbal and non-verbal cues Unconsciously, a person’s actual intention slips out through their words or actions, so pay attention. Read verbal and non-verbal cues. What kind of relationship does he want? Ask him and listen attentively to his answer. If his answers align with yours, great, go on and enjoy your date. If it, however, doesn’t, explain to the date maturely that you are looking for something else and waste no further time in something that cannot yield any result.    
  • Patience, the right man, might not be the first: Don’t expect too much from a first date. It may take as many dates to find someone with similar interests. You should try to know the person sitting across you by learning his likes and dislikes.

Also, there is a need to be patient and open-minded. Remember you can afford to be selective. That is the best part of online dating, and it is a large pool of varieties of options for you to choose from.  

  • Ditch the three days’ rules: if you enjoyed the date and you wish to see the person again, there is a simple solution, call them and say so. Dismiss the notion in your head that tells you to wait for three days. Instead, convey your feeling to your date; they might feel the same way. It’s ok if they don’t, at least you would be made aware of the situation and you can move forward instead of wasting your time.
  • Be yourself: Be honest from the beginning, this might seem like a cheesy tip, but most time people forget to be real. They transform themselves into this person in other to meet the requirements of their dates and end up losing themselves and their time. Show them the real you, and if they don’t like it is ok if they walk away. When they do, the closer you become in meeting the right person.
  • Keep your baggage out of the way:  you don’t want to scare your date away, so keep the conversation light and comfortable. Take it step by step, build the friendship on the foundation of a casual conversation, by dishing out your primary and straightforward traits or history. Get to know the person before you first; this is not the time to air all your proverbial laundry.
  • Listen: the purpose of the date is to get to know each other, and that can’t be done when only one person is speaking. It is easy to get carried away when telling a story that you forget you have been the only one speaking for a long time. Leave the floor also open for your date to talk. Ask questions and try to be genuinely interested in what the person has to say. Trust me your date would know if you are faking an interest.

Dating Might Make You Healthier

You may not have realized that looking attractive and staying healthy can each be accomplished through dating. Wanting to attract a partner can be one of the strongest motivators for people to get in shape and stay that way. You can do this by eating healthier and hitting the gym on a regular basis, but it is possible that an active dating life might just be the resolution. In fact, there are studies that show many daters feel motivated to not only get into shape, but stay that way, especially when they are on the hunt for a dating partner or have been lucky enough to be in a relationship.

Some proof of this is supplied by It’s Just Lunch. This is a matchmaking firm catering to busy professionals. There is a survey called Dating, Dining, and Push-Ups that investigated the link from healthy habits and dating. They found the results to be striking. The online survey consisted of over 4,000 people replying to dozen of questions regarding their health habits and how they relate to their dating lives. Many of the people who took part in the survey felt that dating and being fit were directly linked to each other. These people felt that being in love is good for the waistline.

People who are in a committed relationship tend to avoid behavior that is unhealthy. They do this because they want to keep looking attractive. Partners in committed relationships can influence each other to stay fit and healthy. Becoming intimate with that special someone gives you a pretty good reason to remain in good shape.

When you are in a relationship, you probably have a high motivation for doing things such as going for a daily run or even do a few pushups before going to bed. At least that is what one in three people who took the Its Just Lunch survey say. Working out when they are in a romantic relationship is definitely a priority. Of course, it only follows that you want  to continue to look attractive once you are in an important relationship.

Diet is another thing that some daters feel is important. One of the things that is reported from the survey is that they eat less when they are on a first date. Coffee shops and restaurants are common venues to have a first date. That means that some eating will also be included in the date. The survey shows that women tend to eat less on a first date while fewer men eat normally when on  a first date.

Now, the survey showed that women usually do not care about how much their dates eat. That might be a deal breaker if he has no table manners, but otherwise, women do not mind. As long as the date stays in shape, men can typically eat all they want and then some.

Keep in mind that healthiness can indicate compatibility in relationships, and this includes both men and women. In fact, the answer to the survey question about whether or not they want their dating partners to match their enthusiasm for fitness was a resounding 99 percent yes. Therefore, most people want to date people who are fit.

When it comes to getting in shape so that you can get a date, a majority of singles thought that was a great idea. Dating offers people a solid reason to set and reach specific fitness goals. Your love life has an impact on your health in  several ways. Single people often say no to appetizers. Those in a committed relationship will take on a dedicated workout routine. This applies to both men and women. After all, they want to keep their partners interested in them.

The last question asked on the It’s Just Lunch survey regarding dating and health takes it a bit further. Should you get in shape before you start dating or should you start dating first, getting in shape afterward? Basically, will dating help you get healthier, or getting heathier help you get dates? Both men and women seemed to agree on the answer to this question. Approximately 72 percent of the women and 65 percent of the men felt it would be a better idea to get in shape prior to starting a search for a date.

It is important to note that daters pay attention to their appearance once they have decided to re-enter the dating scene. In spite of the fact that a person’s appearance is, sadly, very high on the list when choosing someone to date, there are many other aspects of a person that should also apply.  Actually, 93 percent of the women and 81 percent of the men who took this survey stated that the personality of someone will usually mean more than looks.

Basically, use your appearance to hook a date and your smiling personality to keep him or her coming back.

Christmas 2017 & New Year 2018 Dating Fix

 Christmas 2017 & New Year 2018 Dating Fix

Christmas 2017 & New Year 2018 Dating Fix

Welcome to the HS Dating festive fix-up! From now until Christmas we’re giving you top tips to get your profile and dating prowess in top shape! Keep an eye on your inbox, as we could also be giving away some prizes…

The Christmas period is the perfect time to strike up some conversations so why not start now?! Don’t forget that your first message to any member that you have not contacted before is absolutely FREE! (If you need a helping hand before you start, you can read about our winning messaging formula below).

The Winning Dating Message Formula

1) Introduce yourself. Saying hello and telling someone your name instantly makes you look more approachable.

2) Compliment your match. Highlight what you like about your match’s profile or picture.

3) Tell them why you’re the perfect match. Read their profile and make sure you fit the bill. A great way to get their attention is to mention hobbies you have in common.

4) Ask an engaging question. This simple action makes sure the conversation continues and doesn’t stall. Ensure it’s an intriguing enquiry that’ll make your match want to write back.

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Tips for staying safe at online dating sites – HS Dating

Have fun and stay safe - HS Dating
Have fun and stay safe – HS Dating

Have fun and stay safe on HS Dating

We know you’re a sensible, worldly, head-screwed-on type, but we wanted to remind you of the golden rules that everyone should live by to make the internet as safe a place as possible. Follow these few simple check-points and you should have nothing to worry about…

Choose a password that you can easily remember but that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. Childrens’ names are easy, but just as easy for someone who knows you to guess!
Personal Information

We have a wonderful messaging system which means you don’t need to give out any contact information at all until you’re happy to, so don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’d rather stick to talking online for a bit longer. If they’re genuine then they won’t have a problem.

If anyone asks to borrow money or asks for any sort of financial details whatsoever, then alarm bells should start to ring. You wouldn’t expect someone you met in the pub last week to ask you for money, and you shouldn’t expect it online either.
Personal Safety

The bottom line is that you should always stay in control. Meet in a public place, tell someone when and where you’re going, and arrange to call them at a given time to confirm all’s going well. If your date is worth their salt, they will completely understand.

Don’t Panic! 99.99% cool

The vast majority of people you meet online will be genuine people just like you who are simply looking for a date or friendship. Unfortunately, it’s best to plan for the worst and then allow people to prove themselves otherwise, but don’t let the occasional dodgy character spoil your enjoyment.

If you are however concerned by anything or any other member, do not hesitate to contact us and report what you are not comfortable about to us.

Some success stories from HS Dating site members

HS Dating success stories
HS Dating success stories

We’re always hearing from people who have had success on the site. Here are just a few of the messages we’ve had recently…

“M” said:
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a BRILLIANT site. I’ve had such a blast meeting up with people over the last six months, but I’ve been seeing a guy called James for a few weeks now and we’ve decided to “give it a go”. Keep up the good work.

“A” said:
Thank you very much for all your help over the last few months. I’m now seeing a lovely lady from your site who was living just down the road from me all the time! Thanks for bringing us together. All the best.

“R” said:
I’m writing in to thank your team so very much for providing such a great place to meet people. I’ve actually been dating a guy from the site for a couple of months now and we’re moving in together this weekend (woohoo!). You rock!

“D” said:
Hi, can you please cancel my membership. After a thoroughly enjoyable year meeting some really interesting people, I’ve met a great girl from the site and I’m taking myself off the market! Thanks again ;o)

So there you have it – straight from the horse’s mouth. Be sure to let us know if and when you find what you’re looking for – we always love to hear more success stories.

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Some people are unable to feel love – and that is not a joke

Depersonalisation disorder make feeling love difficult
Depersonalisation disorder make feeling love difficult

Love and relationships don’t come easy

There are some basic things we all take for granted. Being in love, falling out of love or even yearning for love is one of them. But for people suffering from a disorder called depersonalisation, feeling love may not be as straight forward as you think.
One of the that is bound to make this disorder even more distressing for sufferers is the fact that many health practitioners do not even know it exist. BBC has recently published a detailed article on this unusual disorder. Excerpts from the article follows:
For people living with depersonalisation disorder the world appears unreal, as if through a haze or fog – or even in 2D. One in 100 people is thought to have the condition, but experts are warning it is not included in any GP training.

“Relationships you know you value deeply lose their essential quality,” Sarah tells the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.
“You know you love your family, but you know it academically – rather than feeling it in the normal way.”
Sarah is an actress. She’s used to playing roles and projecting emotion. Yet for long stretches of her own adult life, she herself has been emotionally numb – unable to feel.
This is the result of a little-known mental-health condition called depersonalisation

The article included an interview with a woman who suffer from Depersonalisation disorder, more excepts from the interview with her:
“It was a sudden flick of a switch. Things felt really alien and threatening,” says Sarah.

“Suddenly your flat or somewhere that is very, very familiar to you will suddenly feel like a film set, and your possessions feel like props.”

Others have terrifying out-of-body experiences, feel like their own body parts don’t belong to them and even see the world in 2D – as if it were flat.

For Sarah, this is what happened during her second episode.

“I was reading, holding a book, and suddenly my hands looked like a picture of a pair of hands.

“I felt this separation between the physical world and my perception of it.”

You can read the full article and watch a video of the interview at :

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