Dating Might Make You Healthier

You may not have realized that looking attractive and staying healthy can each be accomplished through dating. Wanting to attract a partner can be one of the strongest motivators for people to get in shape and stay that way. You can do this by eating healthier and hitting the gym on a regular basis, but it is possible that an active dating life might just be the resolution. In fact, there are studies that show many daters feel motivated to not only get into shape, but stay that way, especially when they are on the hunt for a dating partner or have been lucky enough to be in a relationship.

Some proof of this is supplied by It’s Just Lunch. This is a matchmaking firm catering to busy professionals. There is a survey called Dating, Dining, and Push-Ups that investigated the link from healthy habits and dating. They found the results to be striking. The online survey consisted of over 4,000 people replying to dozen of questions regarding their health habits and how they relate to their dating lives. Many of the people who took part in the survey felt that dating and being fit were directly linked to each other. These people felt that being in love is good for the waistline.

People who are in a committed relationship tend to avoid behavior that is unhealthy. They do this because they want to keep looking attractive. Partners in committed relationships can influence each other to stay fit and healthy. Becoming intimate with that special someone gives you a pretty good reason to remain in good shape.

When you are in a relationship, you probably have a high motivation for doing things such as going for a daily run or even do a few pushups before going to bed. At least that is what one in three people who took the Its Just Lunch survey say. Working out when they are in a romantic relationship is definitely a priority. Of course, it only follows that you want  to continue to look attractive once you are in an important relationship.

Diet is another thing that some daters feel is important. One of the things that is reported from the survey is that they eat less when they are on a first date. Coffee shops and restaurants are common venues to have a first date. That means that some eating will also be included in the date. The survey shows that women tend to eat less on a first date while fewer men eat normally when on  a first date.

Now, the survey showed that women usually do not care about how much their dates eat. That might be a deal breaker if he has no table manners, but otherwise, women do not mind. As long as the date stays in shape, men can typically eat all they want and then some.

Keep in mind that healthiness can indicate compatibility in relationships, and this includes both men and women. In fact, the answer to the survey question about whether or not they want their dating partners to match their enthusiasm for fitness was a resounding 99 percent yes. Therefore, most people want to date people who are fit.

When it comes to getting in shape so that you can get a date, a majority of singles thought that was a great idea. Dating offers people a solid reason to set and reach specific fitness goals. Your love life has an impact on your health in  several ways. Single people often say no to appetizers. Those in a committed relationship will take on a dedicated workout routine. This applies to both men and women. After all, they want to keep their partners interested in them.

The last question asked on the It’s Just Lunch survey regarding dating and health takes it a bit further. Should you get in shape before you start dating or should you start dating first, getting in shape afterward? Basically, will dating help you get healthier, or getting heathier help you get dates? Both men and women seemed to agree on the answer to this question. Approximately 72 percent of the women and 65 percent of the men felt it would be a better idea to get in shape prior to starting a search for a date.

It is important to note that daters pay attention to their appearance once they have decided to re-enter the dating scene. In spite of the fact that a person’s appearance is, sadly, very high on the list when choosing someone to date, there are many other aspects of a person that should also apply.  Actually, 93 percent of the women and 81 percent of the men who took this survey stated that the personality of someone will usually mean more than looks.

Basically, use your appearance to hook a date and your smiling personality to keep him or her coming back.